National Chocolate Week 2014 – the essential guide

National Chocolate Week, Ringtons

There is good news for chocolate fans out there as National Chocolate Week (13th – 19th October) gives the nation the perfect excuse to indulge in this delicious and mood-boosting treat.



British tea and coffee merchant Ringtons has put together a guide to its most popular chocolate products which are guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest chocoholic! Products are available via its traditional doorstep delivery service, online store at or via Freephone 0800 052 2440.


Ringtons Hot Chocolate • 10 sachets • doorstep price: £2.49 (£2.59 online)

Ringtons instant Hot Chocolate is a delicious and luxurious chocolate treat.  Full of flavour and smooth this hot chocolate is a   perfect winter warmer.

Simply add water to one sachet for a quick chocolate fix or for extra creaminess use milk instead!


Brazil Nut Biscuits • 200g • doorstep price £1.85 (£1.95 online)

Ringtons Brazil Nut Biscuits are a heavenly, chunky biscuit filled with pieces of Brazil nut and smothered in milk chocolate.  The ‘A’ Grade Brazil nuts are specially packed at their source for extra freshness, so it’s no wonder these luxury chocolate biscuits are one of Ringtons’ bestsellers.


Ringtons Caramel Wafers • 8 wafers • doorstep price: £1.85 (£1.95 online)

Ringtons Caramel Wafers will take you right back to your childhood. Smooth caramel and crunchy wafers smothered in real milk chocolate make these biscuits impossible to resist. The moreish bars are the perfect size for dunking in your cuppa and Ringtons Caramel Wafers come individually foil wrapped for freshness.


Triple Chocolate Cookies • 200g • £1.85 (£1.95 online)

Ringtons scrumptious Triple Chocolate Cookies are covered in a thick layer of smooth milk chocolate and packed with chunky chocolate chips. It’s impossible to have just one.  A little bit of cookie heaven.


Chocolate Mallows • 10 mallows • £1.95 (£1.99 online)

Ringtons Chocolate Mallows are one of the most popular Ringtons treats. Soft, fluffy marshmallow is covered in smooth milk chocolate, on a delicious biscuit base. Chocolate Mallows are pure, gooey goodness and all individually foil wrapped for freshness!


Milk Chocolate Brazils • 350g •£6.49 • SEASONAL ADDITION

This Seasonal item is out just in time for Christmas but makes a great treat at any time of the year. Ringtons’ famous Milk Chocolate Brazils are double coated in quality milk chocolate to ensure it’s an indulgent treat.


Luxury Mint Selection • 225g • £4.49 • SEASONAL ADDITION

The delicious assortment of milk and plain chocolate mints are prefect as an after-dinner treat (or at any other time you fancy one!)

The selection includes Mint Crisps, Peppermint Infused Chocolates and Mint Crèmes – they are simply irresistible and make a lovely gift or cupboard essential.

Ringtons has over 107 years of experience in offering a traditional doorstep delivery service which sees over 260,000 customers throughout the UK receive a regular delivery of tea, coffee, biscuits, cake, sweets and seasonal items straight to their door.


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