EARTH Wood Goods adds cork bags and accessories to its line of wooden watches and sunglasses.

 The new products include travel bags, backpacks, wallets and briefcases made with the unique texture of natural cork. 

Not only does cork give a new and exciting look to bags and accessories it is also comfortable and soft to the touch.

Each of EARTH’s new items features multiple pockets to keep your bag, backpack, briefcase or wallet organized and clean. The stand out feature on EARTH backpacks and travel bags is the custom zippered shoe pocket. The shoe pocket creates a separate compartment that keeps other items in your bag safe from dirt and damage. Ideal for travel, these backpacks and bags fit everything you need whether it’s just a trip to the local beach or across the country.

EARTH chose cork to make its bags and accessories as an alternative to leather. Using cork to make EARTH products does absolutely no harm to the environment, because during the harvesting process no trees are cut down or damaged. The Cork tree’s bark is simply removed and over time a new layer of cork regrows, making cork a renewable resource and an environmentally friendly material. Cork is not only renewable but is also durable, making your EARTH bag or accessories last through every day wear and tear.
EARTH Cork bags and accessories are currently sold through various retailers, for more information visit

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