Chef Damian Wawrzyniak Cooks Babka for Mary Berry on Mary Berry Easter Feast

Chef Damian Wawrzyniak has cooked up a Polish-themed feast with cake connoisseur, Mary Berry.

Available on iPlayer now, Wawrzyniak will also spear on BBC 2 tonight in the latest episode of Mary Berry Easter Feast.

The chef and food consultant was invited to show Berry how to make the Polish Easter cake, babka  – a traditional Eastern European cake which is sending foodies into a frenzy as the latest must-have pastry.

The sweet treat is gaining cult status with everyone from hip bakeries in the cool Brooklyn suburb of Williamsburg to gourmet delicatessens in London town serving up their own spin; laden with any number of mouth-watering fillings from lashings of Nutella to juicy currants, heavy on the cinnamon, dates, pecan nuts and rivers of white chocolate, the BABKA is most definitely back en vogue.

In the midst of this resurgence, Wawrzyniak dug out his oldest recipe and took Berry back to his roots, right in the heart of his family kitchen.

After cooking for the Great British Bake Off judge at home, Wawrzyniak will give viewers a masterclass in creating the perfect babka for an eastern celebration. He said, “Mary came to meet me, my wife Alicja son Noel and daughter Pola. Once we described the roots of our tradition and gave her taste of my babka cake, she invited me to her kitchen!

“It’s amazing to work with Mary but it was also very emotional to be the first Pole to bring our traditions to British TV. Before tonight’s show, no one really has explained how we getting ready for Easter, how our traditions are born and baked and how recipes like mine survived generations. With babka becoming the new ‘it’ pastry it’s nice to show where it came from and how it was made traditionally.”

Wawrzyniak is a self-taught chef who runs Chef Consultant, a consultancy service for the hospitality industry. He is a Master Craftsman at the Guild for Chefs UK and has worked in two Michelin Star restaurants including the world’s best restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen. He also ran Champagne&Seafood Restaurant at the London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics and regularly delivers culinary workshops and live cooking demonstrations.

Find out more about Damian Wawrzyniak at

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Watch episode two of Mary Berry Easter Feast on BBC 2 at 8.00 or catch up on iPlayer:

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