Birmingham reveals it’s most hated summer fashion faux pas

Temperatures are set to rise this weekend according to Met Office forecasts, with temperatures in Birmingham reaching 22oc and even as high as 28oc further south.

The Great British Summer is known for its unpredictable weather and it’s safe to say this bout of sunshine will bring with it typical Brit behaviour in the form of major summer fashion disasters.

A recent survey carried out by Cotton Traders as part of their “Century of Great British Summers” campaign asked the nation what their most hated summer fashion faux pas were, and unsurprisingly “socks and sandals” came out on top of the list. This was followed by string vests and even handkerchiefs being used as a hat. Sunburn also came high on the list, so make sure to slap on the SPF if you’re heading outside this weekend.

Top summer fashion faux pas

  1. Socks and sandals 58%
  2. String vests 43.18%
  3. Handkerchief used as a sun hat 38%
  4. Winter boots in the sun 36%
  5. Crocs 33%
  6. Speedos 33%
  7. White bikini/outfit goes see through when wet 32%
  8. Hot pants that reveal too much 32%
  9. Sun burn 31%
  10. Bad hats 22%

It’s not just the fashion that gets people talking around the British summertime. Apparently you know it’s arrived when phrases like, “hottest day on record” start hitting the headlines and wasps come out of hiding. Other signs it’s summer include BBQ’s in the rain and pasty flesh on show.

10 signs of Great British summer

  1. Hottest day on record’/’Britain as hot as…’ newspaper headlines 43%
  2. Wasps come out of hiding 42%
  3. Sunburn 41%
  4. Complaining it’s too hot once it hits 23 degrees 39%
  5. Hosepipe bans 35%
  6. Pasty flesh on show 34%
  7. BBQ’s in the rain 28%
  8. Hay fever 27%
  9. Topless men 23%
  10. Daytime drinking 23%

So whether you’re enjoying a summer BBQ, picnic in the park or just a spot of sunbathing this weekend, be sure to make the most of the short but brilliant Great British summer in the West Midlands.

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